It has been fun guys. My first post was done in early November 2009. Wow that has been almost 4 years and over 1800 posts. I have been posting and sharing pictures of what I consider to be PERFECTION. In that time there have been over 440,000 unique visitors and over 4 million page views. When I started this blog I never dreamt of ever getting to these figures. All I can say is that I hope you all have enjoyed what I have posted. Sadly I just no longer have the time to continue this blog. Collecting the pictures and administering the blog actually take quite a bit of time, something which I just no longer have.

I thought of deleting the blog but then decided to leave it up. No doubt there are still some people who have not discovered it yet and I am sure that they may get some joy from exploring it and being able to admire the beauty of the Black Male Body. From Muscular to Slim - The Black Male Body rules.

Let me end off by sending lots of love to all of you who have followed the blog. I have made friends along the way who have kindly donated pictures to me so that I could post them. The pictures very very much appreciated.

Love you all - Tap Out!

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