By now you all probably know that I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BABY who goes by the name of Day Day!!!!! Day Day is featured in so many RawRods productions and ThugBoy productions. Day Day is a top of note and he knows how to use what he has been blessed with. Damn this baby tops like a star. In this series he is in action with the equaly gorgeous Tyler Trenton. I will still feature more of this hott duo next week but why not join RawRods or ThugBoy and you get to see Day Day in action with various gorgeous guys, as well of course as getting to see all the other hott models in these two stables. Better still, join both. You get to download ALL the pics in a handy zip file and the vids can be watched on-line or downloaded in various HD formats so you can watch them over and over again :-) To join any of the sites you can click on the logos below.

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